Flowering Quince for Spring Beauty

"Crimson and Gold"

This spring, I added two new Flowering Quince to the garden. Flowering Quince or Chaenomeles are very beautiful when they flower in the spring. Chaenomeles are available in red, pink or white. This is a shrub that can grow in any reasonable garden soil. They prefer full sun, but can tolerate shade. The average size they grow to is 3-5 feet tall and around 3 feet wide and if you plant several together they make an ideal hedge. Flowering Quince has a medium growth rate. If you have a deer problem, this plant is deer resistant. Flowering Quince produce fruit in the fall that will attract birds. This is one plant that can be very beautiful if allowed to grow to full size. Very little pruning is needed accept light hand pruning to enhance the shape. Chaenomeles can be propagated by cuttings, layering of shoots or by removing rooted suckers. Flowering Quince can be a beautiful addition to any spring garden landscape.

"Toyo Nishiki"

Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Janet said…
Debbie, I like that you have two different varieties of the quince. It is a nice long blooming shrub!
I've never seen one the color of the first picture. It's very pretty, I love how it's mostly blooms and branches and very few leaves.
GardenJoy4Me said…
Hey Debbie .. did you change your blog format ? or is it just me ? LOL .. love the quince and that red one is a real eye popper !
Beautiful flowers! I'm trying to add more ornamental shrubs to my garden each season, this one looks like a great addition.
Hi Debbie, both bushes are beautiful. I've seen quince before but haven't ever had one. I don't know why! Obviously I've been missing out;-) I love the bright red one-just brilliant. I love how you feature plants--it is so helpful to someone like me, especially...your 'master gardener' credentials show, girl!!
Cathy said…
Amazingly beautiful!
Sheila said…
I planted some Flowering Quince also this year. It has such pretty blooms I just couldn't resist it at the nursery. I am looking forward to watching it grow and change over the seasons.
joey said…
You've featured a stunning shrub, one of my favorites. Blessed, twelve years ago we inherited a stunning red Flowering Quince when we bought our cottage ... in bloom, not only a show-stopper but magnet for hummingbirds! You will love them!
islandgardener said…
Flowering quince is just the most beautiful example of a branch that you can force bloom to give you an early glimpse of spring!
tina said…
Hi there, lovely blog full of lots of great gardening info. I have two of these quince and enjoy them quite a bit. I hope I can eat some fruit this year. They are about the only red flowering shrub in spring. In my landscape plant class last spring the instructor called it the 'trash can' shrub though. This was because all sorts of debris gets caught in its branches which I think is funny.
Anna said…
Your post has reminded me how beautiful these plants are Debbie. I had one in one in my previous garden - will have to do something about getting another :)
Becca's Dirt said…
Quince is a pretty plant. I like the red one but the pink is pretty too. Happy gardening to ya.
Your flowering quince are just gorgeous. I love the red one.I have never tried one but may have to :)
Catherine said…
Beautiful color! First visit to your gorgeous site..look forward to seeing more!
Oh! That quince is beautiful- it looks kinda tropical!

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