Indiana Flower and Patio Show

Today I went for my annual visit to the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. Every year I attend and wish that my gardens could look like these. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Carol said…
I went yesterday but it was very crowded so I didn't take too many pictures. I always enjoy the gardens, but couldn't quite figure out the one with palm trees.
Cathy said…
What beautiful flowers ;) The tree house is
Janet said…
Very nice, looks like you had lots of plants to enjoy. I love hyacinths. They are just so fragrant!
GardenJoy4Me said…
hey there girl ! What a nice show you got to see : )
Love all the pictures .. plant combinations and ideas are so nice to see in these shows. Thanks for sharing !!
Laura said…
What beautiful pictures! You can tell that it takes a lot of work to put those gardens together!
You got some great pictures! The hostas and tulips look pretty together. What a fun treehouse!
Bren said…
I want to go... these photos are amazing! I missed ours in Ohio. Thanks for stopping by my 'plot' at the botanical blogger site. I love your blog and can't wait to see what spring hold for you.
Northern Shade said…
There are so many bright spring flowers, all perfectly timed for the show. The two toned bright pink and white tulips are very pretty. The hyacinth and tulip combination really sings out. It makes you want to plant ten times as many bulbs, and put them all close together, if only we didn't have to be practical in our gardens. I love the exuberance of show gardens.
I'm anxiously awaiting my own bulb spectacle, but I'll probably say, "I'm sure I planted more bulbs than this last fall." It's amazing how even a couple of hundred bulbs disappear in the garden.
ryan said…
nice photos. i've been wondering about some of the other garden shows. i just went to the sf flower and garden show. there was a pond very similar to the one in your photo. i haven't posted its photo yet.
KayGee said…
Great pics from the show. I didn't make it this year, except for the Noble Evening in the garden the Friday night before. The flowers were gorgeous. It made me want spring to come even more!
Patsi said…
Love shows !
Glad I found you.
Melanie said…
Stunning Flower photos

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