Pink Flamingos?

Several mornings ago, I awoke to my husband asking me if I had added plastic pink Flamingos to my garden. Being only half awake, my answer was "What pink Flamingos?" Getting out of bed, I went to the window to see what my husband was talking about. From my second floor bedroom window, I can see the entire garden. To my surprise, I had pink Flamingos throughout the garden. Putting on my bathrobe, I went out with the camera to take a photo of my new garden decorations. I wasn't sure who was playing the trick on me until I looked at the photo I had taken. A sunbeam came directly down on one of the pink Flamingos. Now I was really curious where the pink Flamingos really came from. After walking the garden, I found that I had a total of five plastic Flamingos hidden in the garden. As the day went on, I found that my oldest son had been out the night before putting the Flamingos in my garden as a joke. I now have added the Flamingos in an outlet at the river's edge. We call it "Flamingo Cove" for all the boaters on the river to enjoy.

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Jesikarena said…
Thats so funny! Your garden is so pretty and then BAM pink flamingo! So unexpected. LOL
what a trickster!
Dirt Princess said…
I love it! Too funny!
lol, sons have strange senses of humor sometimes. ;)
First of all your gardens are beautiful! How funny to surprise with the new garden decor!
Jill-O said…
What a great practical joke! I love it! I think I'm going to have to borrow it to play on a friend.
Karen said…
LOL, What a great joke!
lynn'sgarden said…
Hi Debbie, that is a funny gag, and the photo with the sun beam is so a pretty and peaceful looking. A nice view to wake up to :)

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