From Something Old To Something New

This past winter my gazebo roof was damaged during a storm. I didn't want to replace it or send what was left of the gazebo to the landfill. I had just planted a flower bed around the gazebo and to replace it with a new gazebo would mean removing part of the garden. Since replacement parts were no longer available, I need to come up with a new plan for the remains of the gazebo. After removing what was left of the roof, I purchased treated 16 foot boards and created a special decorative cut on the ends of the boards. I then added slots to the boards to fit over the frame of the gazebo. Once the boards were placed on top they formed a new roof. Now I have a pergola. I planted wisteria vines on the corners of the pergola and by next summer I should have a nice new green roof with fragrant wisteria flowers.
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Janet said…
looks like a good fix. Time with the wisteria will make it look even better.
Rosey Pollen said…
Great idea, and it looks spectacular!
I have many a structure get destroyed by wind but they are not even pretty like garden architecture, it's the trampoline that the wind likes to beat up.
What a great idea. I like the metal columns, very decorative and different from most peoples wooden ones. And the metal furniture is gorgeous!

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