Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - October 2009

'Limelight' Hydrangea

Butterfly Bush

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day is cold and wet! Makes me wish for the hot summer days again.
The flowers are slowly disappearing from the garden and the first frost could be very soon.
Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!
The Creative Gardener


Winter is nipping at your heels. We're anticipating cooler weather but not freezes, this weekend.

Happy Bloom Day, great hydrangeas!
Limelight hydrangea is beautiful! Love all your blooms. But hydrangea reminded me of the Key Lime Pie. Happy Bloom Day!
Miss Daisy said…
Beautiful photos! I have really been fascinated with butterfly bushes this year. They are fascinating plants and I'm thinking of planting one next year. Great pictures of the hydrangeas!
Becca's Dirt said…
What a beautiful hydrangea. We are getting our first taste of colder weather this weekend. Expected to go down in the mid 40's at night. Have a great day.
azplantlady said…
What beautiful pictures. I especially love the Hydrangeas, especially the 'Limelight' variety.
Janet said…
Love the Limelight!
Sue said…
I enjoyed your blooms. I have lots finished due to several nights below freezing temps.
Beautiful photos! I especially love the pink Hydrangeas, SO pretty.

Mums are always good for a color show in fall, thanks so much for sharing your blooms with us.
Tyra in Vaxholm said…
Beatiful shots! Love the dark backgrounds.

Marie said…
Beautiful photos of your flowers for GBBD. I enjoyed your informative posts. Thank you.
texasdaisey said…
Just found your blog and I love it! What gorgeous pictures. Great job.
prashant said…
Beautiful photos! I have really been fascinated with butterfly bushes this year.
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