Water Feature Ideas for the Garden

It is always relaxing to walk in a garden and to hear the sounds of water. Not only is it relaxing to the soul but the sounds of water also attracts the wildlife to the garden. If you have been thinking about adding a water feature to your garden, here are some ideas from recycled to the elegant and elaborate.

You can make a nice water feature by using cement block available at most hardware stores. You will see the block used again in additional pictures.

Large urns make beautiful water features.

Just a simple cast cement birdbath water feature.

Three stacked stones make up this pondless water feature.

A combination of stone and river rock with upright stones that have been drilled make up this pondless water feature. The moss on the stones helps age the water feature.

Add a light to your water feature for viewing at night.

What a great way to turn your storage shed into a water feature.

This water feature is a prefabricated pond sunk into the ground with a bird bath as the fountain.

Add some fire and water together for the garden.

Large ceramic urns make nice water features and they come in all size, shapes and price ranges.

This water feature makes good use of a recycled grate.

This is a small sunken container with a split log for the water to run down. This would be nice for a woodland garden.

For those who like the unusual and recycled, here is a bathtub with mosaic work on the sides. Note the shower head delivers the water to the tub. This would be great for the eclectic garden.

Three cast iron urns standing in a pond make up this water feature.

A wall fountain can be self contained as a water feature or as a feature in a much larger pond.

How about a nice bronze water feature for the garden.
I hope you found some ideas that might work in your garden for next year!
Happy Gardening and check back for my next post on a "pink" Annabelle Hydrangea for your garden.
The Creative Gardener
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I love seeing all these great ideas for water features! I just love the fountain with the stone birds on it. I'd love to find it and even have the perfect spot for it.
Joanne said…
Oh such a great collection of water features many would be happy in my garden I am sure.
There is a water feature that would suit any gardening style in your posting. How wonderful would it be to have your own mini water mill.Love it! Guess it is the country in me. LOL!
Janet said…
Hi Debbie, love the different water features. I like the first one...with the heron. The large ceramic urns are really a nice presence in the garden. This summer we went to an antique store that had a lot of garden statues and fountains..there was an old grist millstone and I really liked that one.
Maureen said…
I just love the mosaic bath it's fabulous. I just wish I had room to do it, but my garden is full up now.
Jayne said…
What great pictures! There are so many different types of Garden Water Features and you've probably captured as many different styles as someone could possible wish to choose from! I especially liked the Water Wheel. I've recently purchased a Sphere Water Feature from UK Water Features who are having a fantastic January clearance and I can't wait for the Spring to install it!
Cute said…
Often, people tend to get confused while figuring a perfect solution for a narrow bed placed oddly. The most creative solution to this happens to be transforming it to a bewitching water feature.
Primrose said…
Wow! I love the big water wheel, although I don't think I have the space! The bath is also nice and kooky. Water features are a great addition to any garden, small or large, modern or traditional. Also great for wildlife:)
I love water features both big and small. I'm looking forward to getting our backyard cleaned up so I can start adding a fountain.
Great use of a garden shed there! And I particularly like the reclaimed iron grid - makes for a very unique water feature.
That bronze at the end there is something a bit special. i wonder how much that set them back? i am in the middle of doing up my parents garden and was looking for some inspiration. i think that a waterfeature would be nice for them but the bronze is a bit much.
Tim said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dacey said…
These water features are awesome i like all of them.And for last one i have no words.This is really amazing features for making your garden attractive and beautiful
Stacey Beck said…
We have a really big garden that I love but I feel like it needs some dimension added to it. Right now it's just flowers but I think a water fountain or something like that would really add. I really want to get one this summer!

Jim Tracy said…
I love when you can combine a cool stone with a water fountain. It looks really nice. I would love to do this in my yard.

Jim Tracy | http://www.ksgiftsandmore.com/default.asp?dept_id=30030
Cynthia Rhose said…
I think that stone fountains offer so much to a yard. There is just something about the rustic nature of stone that I love. I would like to have a statue like fountain made from stone.
Cynthia | http://www.rosiesuniquegifts.com/default.asp?dept_id=30030
Keara Littner said…
I really like the way a lot of those stone water fountains look! I've been thinking about getting one to put either by my porch, or out in the garden. It's hard to make a decision, since there are so many different kinds that I think would look great.
Keara | http://www.rosiesuniquegifts.com/default.asp?dept_id=30030
Gary Puntman said…
I would love to get a water fountain like one of these. My backyard looks kind of boring right now. This would add some interest. I've also always thought water fountains are so relaxing.
Gary Puntman | http://www.mcgiftshop.com
Bill Li said…
Thanks for the pictures! I'm looking for different ideas for a water fountain to put in my yard. I think that a windmill would make a really interesting water fixture. I like the idea of having a large ceramic urn used as a water fountain. I like the red and black design on the ceramic urn fountain picture that you posted.
Amber Johnson said…
These are all such lovely water fountains. They are all so unique and different! I really like the large ceramic urns more than I thought I would. I think it gives a kind of zen feeling to a garden. I would love to get an outdoor water fountain for my yard. I think it would really improve the look and feel of my yard.
Amber | http://www.inezsgiftgallery.com/listing.asp?dept_id=2040&nopopup=1
Ashley Reed said…
I was thinking about getting some fountains in my garden. I want to make sure that we have something fun back there to look at. I was thinking about getting a whole landscape design around a fountain. http://www.markaygifts.com/default.asp?dept_id=30030
Joey Constanza said…
One of my friends has a lovely garden which he has decorated it with fountains. Mine is lacking quite a bit and I want to try to top him. Perhaps if I got some fountains like the ones in your post, I'll be able to beat him. http://www.bluelakegifts.com/listing.asp?dept_id=30030&nopopup=1
Roger Pace said…
My mom really wants to make our garden look a bit more exotic. She has been looking into different types of potter for the plants and things like that, but I don't think she has thought of outdoor water fountains yet. I'll have to show her this and see if it's something that she would want to look int o.


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