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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - June 2010

Oakleaf Hydrangea

It has been a great year for the garden. With the early warm up this year and lots of rain, the garden has a very lush look. The weeds are growing faster than I can weed them out.

I have been seeing plants bloom in the garden that have never bloomed before. On the down side it is now very humid makings it hot to work in the garden and the mosquitoes are becoming a problem. The joys of gardening!

The hydrangea garden in full bloom

Knock Out roses
Blushing Bride Hydrangea

Have a great bloom day and happy gardening!

The Creative Gardener

Peonies in the Garden

The other day I was working in my garden when a sudden breeze filled the air with a wonderful fragrance of the peonies that were in bloom. Peonies always reminds me of my childhood when my mother grew them in her garden. If you have not grown peonies, you should give them a try. The flowers are beautiful and they come in a single or double blossom in colors of pink, white, red and purple that bloom in early summer. Peonies or Paeonia need full sunlight or semi-shade with protection from strong winds. It is also helpful to put a wire ring around the plant when it first starts growing to help support the weight of the flowers. You will know what I mean after a heavy rain! Peonies prefer well drained soil enriched with cow manure or compost. Peonies are easy to propagate. Propagation is by division in the spring or fall. Take care not to break the brittle roots when dividing. Each division must have roots and dormant growth buds. Crowns should be planted 1 inch deep in the soil and space…