Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - May 2011

This has been a good growing season for the garden this year. I had my concerns for the spring since we had been very dry last year. The plants are growing very well including all the weeds!

I have moved my tropical plants to the garden from the greenhouse. This is a Bougainvillea.

The Foam Flowers are blooming all over the garden.

The native plants are blooming like this Celandine Poppy.

I really look forward to the Virginia Bluebells blooming in the spring.

This lilac never had bloomed until I moved it last year.

This dwarf lilac smells great and is loaded with flowers.

This Rhododendron was a Mother's Day gift from my son. It adds lots of color to the garden.

The Weigelas have been loaded with flowers this year.

I hope you enjoyed the blooms and have a great Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Christine said…
Your blooms are all beautiful. I wish my Weigela looked as good as yours. The Rhodo is spectacular. Happy GBBD :)
Cameron said…
Your garden is off to a grand start for the season! You're so lucky to have a greenhouse to keep a bougainvillea. Gorgeous!
That peach Rhododendron is a scene stealer...such a gorgeous color! Lovely blooms. Happy GBBD Day!
greggo said…
Like the foam flower. Ive had the bouganvilla out for a month now here in kansas. Last year I put it in the ground and them dug it up and put it back in a pot for inside. Did very well, wasn't very pretty for awhile.
Donna said…
What an incredible rhododendron color...and the weigela...mine have not bloomed yet but boy can they put on a show..
Larry said…
This is a very nice post with many beauties being shared... it donned on me while I was reading through your site that I don't have a single foam flower... after one bad experience, I never tried them again. My garden has changed a lot since that time, and looking at yours makes me want to reconsider! Larry
scottweberpdx said…
Beautiful post...I especially love those Foam flowers...such a lovely drift of color!
scottweberpdx said…
That drift of Tiarella is very charming!

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