Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiarellas for Spring Color

One of my favorite perennial plants for the garden is Tiarella or Foam Flower. I purchased one small plant several years ago called 'Running Tapestry' and over the years it has spread into a large patch. I have transplanted starts of it in several places in my garden and it never fails to provide lots of flowers in the spring. Foam Flowers have unique shapes, textures and colors in their leaves providing visual interest. Some have runners that remind you of strawberry plants and others are a clumping form. Tiarellas prefer rich, fertile soil that is damp. They thrive in dappled to shade conditions. The flowers are white to a light pink in color and they bloom for a long time in my garden. The flowers can be used as cut flowers. Tiarellas can be very happy in a hanging basket, in the ground or in a container. They look wonderful mixed into a container with other flowering plants as a filler.

The easy way to propagate Tiarella is by division or by growing them from seed.

This is one plant you should give a try in your garden. I plan to add additional new plants to my garden in the future in some of the newer leaf colors that are now available on the market.

Happy gardening and have a great growing season!

The Creative Gardener

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