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Fall Comes to Sycamore Gardens

It is that time of the year when the garden is slowly going to sleep for winter. Surprisingly for being November the garden is still showing lots of color and has many flowers still blooming. This is one of my favorite seasons in the garden because I now get to work in my garden. Yes, I am one of those few gardeners who gardens in the winter. With my garden maintenance business, I don't have much time to work on my own garden. I do add new plants during the growing season to establish them for winter, but most of the time the beds are not completed till late fall and into spring. I use this time in the garden for pruning, cleaning up leaves, adding hardscape and cleaning up the beds. I know that when March rolls around my garden becomes low on the list for work. My projects for this winter are adding more rocks around the flower beds, moving an arbor to a different garden, adding a new bird house on a post, and building the structure for the living wall that will be planted in th…