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Magic in the Garden

The other day, I had a guest in my garden that referred to the garden as "magical".  I never thought of my garden as magical until several days later.  Yesterday I walked out into the garden with my watering can to water some plants that I had transplanted earlier in the day.  I was surprised when I walked into that section of the garden to find it was full of butterflies. There were about two dozen butterflies fluttering around the garden.  It was a breezy day and they were resting on plants or fluttering around in groups of three to five.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I went back to the house and got my camera and returned to the garden.  I spent nearly an hour watching the butterflies and taking pictures.  I felt like Snow White in the Disney film surround by butterflies.  I was amazed at how close they came to me and I even had one sit on my shoe. 
 I did some research on the butterflies and found that they were Painted Ladies and Red Admirals.  They were mating a…

Top Garden Blogs Award

I just found out that "Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener" was selected as a nominee for the "Top Garden Blogs Award" by e College Finder.  I know that there are thousands of gardening blogs out there and I feel very honored to have been nominated. If you have enjoyed the blog, you can cast your vote by clicking the green button on the right. Look for my blogs name, cast your vote and hit "vote" at the bottom of the list of blogs. There are 51 blogs listed and you may even find some new blogs that you may enjoy reading and want to follow. You can also go to to vote. Anyone can vote one time and there is no sign up.
 "Thank You" to the person who nominated my blog - you made my day!

Happy Gardening and Thank You!!!!!

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - April 2012

This Garden Blogger's Bloom Day finds me a very happy gardener! The gardens are looking wonderful, even with the weather bouncing back and forth from hot to cold. Many plants bloomed early and some didn't bloom as long as they normally would have. It seems that my garden is back on it's normal growth schedule and I have not had any problems from low temperatures and freezes damaging the plants.
Why am I a happy gardener? That huge pile of composted mulch, leaves and manure is the reason why. My garden is coming up on a garden tour and over the years I have never seen my garden mulched. I am looking forward to seeing the garden well manicured for the first time. I normally compost everything back into my garden, but I cannot make the amount of compost I need to do such a large garden. Starting tomorrow, I will spend the next 6 weeks weeding and mulching. I was also excited yesterday to have a window salesman visit to give us an estimate on windows. It seems that he m…

A Visit to Bellingrath Gardens

The Conservatory and Rose Gardens Recently I had the opportunity to visit Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, Alabama. If you ever have the chance to visit in the area of Mobile, you need to stop and see the gardens and the Bellingrath's home. The gardens are over 75 years old and they were the dream of Bessie Bellingrath who enjoyed gardening. Walter Bellingrath found his fortune by building the first Coca-Cola plant built exclusively to the production of Coca-Cola in the United States in 1908. The Bellingrath's purchased an old fishing lodge on the Fowl River and over the years, Bessie planted many flowers and shrubs. She loved camellias and azaleas and the soil along the river was ideal for growing them. After a trip to Europe in 1927, they decided to turn the lodge into a country estate. With the help of architect George B. Rogers the building began. As the gardens grew, people started visiting Bessie's beautiful gardens and by 1932 the gardens were opened to the pub…