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Designing a New Patio or Deck - Part 2

About three weeks ago, I wrote a post on "Designing a New Patio or Deck".  Well, the project is still going on and slowly nearing completion.  I thought I would update you with the progress of the project.  In my last post, I showed pictures of the before.  Here are pictures of the last three weeks and what has been going on with the project.
I removed all the furniture, old stepping stones and plants that would be in the way of construction.  The decision was also made to remove the hot tub.  We did not use it and felt this was the ideal time to eliminate it from the design. I decided to do a change in the location of the deck stairs and how they came down off the deck. Rather than a straight run, it became a "L" shaped run of stairs.  Before the patio installers could start, the old stairs were removed and new post were installed and set into cement.
The patio installers then came in and marked utilities and the location of the patio and flower bed areas.

We di…

More Great Water Features for the Garden

Don't you just enjoy the sound of water in a garden?  Whether it is a fountain, waterfall or the soft trickling sound of a stream, water features add beauty and a relaxing feel to a garden.  I like water features in my garden.  Having a large garden, I can get away with having several in my landscape.  When I go to garden shows or go on garden tours, I like to take photos of the many different types that are available and post them to my blog for others to enjoy and to get ideas from for their own gardens.  Here are some new photos that I recently took of some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - March 2013

This Garden Blogger's Bloom Day finds the weather to still be cold.  The Witch Hazels are still in bloom, but everything else is just waiting for warmer weather.  The weather just has not been cooperating this year.  I am O.K. with it, due to the fact that we are installing a new paver patio. If the plants are not up, they are protected from being damaged during the installation process.  The patio pavers should all be installed by the end of today.  The sand that will be swept over the pavers will have to wait till the temperatures improve.  Starting Monday, the deck installers will start installing new deck materials on the existing deck. Both of the projects are running behind due to snow.  Even with the winter like weather persisting, the nursery plants are arriving in at many of the local nurseries.  Which is nice, just to be able to see garden plants arriving, with the promise of warmer weather to come.  On a recent trip to a nursery, I picked up two Iceland poppies for th…

Love Those Poppies

The other day, I stopped by the local box store.  Like I always do, I wandered over to the nursery isle to see what was new. The nursery stock was starting to arrive and there was a cart full of perennials.  Sitting on the cart were all these poppies and only one was in bloom.  That one, just caught my attention.  It was unusual and the color was very intense.  I started looking around on the cart and found another one blooming in a different color.  The price was right and I left the store, in the snow, with my two new garden plants. The plants were Papaver nudicaule 'Champagne Bubbles' Iceland poppies. They come in colors of red, orange, white and yellow. They require very little water once they have established and love a sunny location. They are a dwarf plant that grows 10 to 12 inches tall and about 12 inches wide. 'Champagne Bubbles' grows in zones 2-8. They look wonderful in containers, along walkways or in mixed beds where they can give a burst of color. The…

Designing a New Patio or Deck

Have you ever wanted to take on a major patio or deck remodel?  Not sure where to begin? Maybe I can help you get started on that dream.  Currently my patio and deck are being remodeled.  Over the years, I had spent lots of time on planting the gardens and working on our home.  The area in the pictures was the last part to be finished. We have done most of the work on our property and felt very confident in doing remodeling. This project would be a big undertaking.  The pool had already been installed years ago but the area around the pool was not meeting our needs. It was not very big for entertaining or relaxing.

The time had finally come to start the project.  I had looked at pictures in magazines, books and on the Internet for ideas that I would like to incorporate in this area. When I went to a garden show, I would take photos of patios and decks that I liked.  After collecting up ideas, evaluating our needs, I measured the area, got out the paper and pencil and started designing…