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Decorating the Garden

Garden decorations can come in all sizes, shapes, colors and price ranges. Some are made of stone, plastic, cement, metal and even resin. I like pieces that are made of cement, stone, steel or cast metal due to their durability in the garden over those that are made of plastic or resin. Most resin or plastic pieces are nice but will not hold up for many years. I have had several resin pieces damaged by falling limbs during storms and with many, the finish wears off from exposure to the elements. Once they have been damaged, they are difficult to repair.

When selecting garden decorations, select a few nice pieces that can be distributed out into the garden. Try to select pieces that fit the style of your garden. A Japanese lantern looks wonderful in a Japanese style garden but a decorative cast iron urn would look out of place in a Japanese garden.

When placing garden decorations in the garden, try to tuck pieces away and out of sight by placing them near shrubs, trees and other plant…

Winter Damage in the Garden

This winter was a tough one!  In my area, we have had very low temperatures, lots of snow and major extremes in wind chills. We have broken weather records of 30 to 40 years ago. We have had snow coverage most of the winter and guess what it is starting to do outside as I write this post? It is starting to snow, again. Am I ready for spring? You bet! As tough as this weather has been on people, it has been harder on the plants in the garden. We can stay inside, snug and warm, while our plants suffer outside. Most of my plants are dormant and under the ground. With snow coverage, they are insulated from the low temperatures, but for many shrubs and trees, this winter has been and continues to be difficult.  When the weather allows, I walk around the garden and observe my plants. I have found one small tree that is now dead and several others that are not looking very good. I know that there was nothing that I could have done to save them. I plan to leave them in the ground, hope for …

What I Have Learned From My Garden

The other day I was cleaning up and organizing years of old photos in my computer. It is a big job and I am still not completely done, but it was fun to look back on how my garden had changed over the years and enjoy some blooms on a cold winter day. It made me start to think about what I have learned from my garden over the years. I have learned lots!
Like most gardeners, we are always sharing information with other gardeners, but you never think about what your garden shares with you as a gardener. Here are a few things that my garden has taught me.

Be patient - A garden takes time to grow and change. It is a project that will never be done.Stop and smell the roses - Sometimes you need to stop worrying about weeds and all the other chores that need to be done in the garden. The weeds will be there tomorrow. Sit down and just enjoy it!Gardens are not perfect! - You may have a plan, but Mother Nature will have hers.Be creative - Your garden reflects you and your style. You do not hav…