Creating Fairy Gardens or Miniature Gardens

Creating fairy gardens or miniature gardens can be a fun project. This is a project that you can do by yourself or it can be a great way to spend time with children. If you live in an apartment or have a home that does not have space for a garden, miniature gardening may be what you are looking for. It allows you to play in the dirt, get creative and design a miniature landscape. I will admit, that miniature gardens are far easier to maintain than a full size garden. Miniature gardens can be made in containers or they can be installed directly into the ground. I have both, but I am finding that I prefer containers more. Here are a couple of new gardens that I have made.

The garden above is in a small dish that sits inside an arbor planter that I found at a garage sale for $1.00.  I painted the arbor and found a small container that would serve as the planting area. I added two miniature hostas and a Japanese Maple seedling as the tree. I added some rock for a patio with some moss for the grass. Then I added a table with two chairs. Do you see the tiny coffee cups and the geranium sitting on the table?

The second garden that I made was made from a round wood cheese container. I used a deep saucer that fit into the wood container and planted it with miniature hostas, a Japanese Maple seedling, moss and a little ground cover that produces tiny blue flowers.

I added some small pieces of rock for stepping stones, a gazebo, two chairs and a little birdhouse. Both projects were easy to do and completed in about 30 minutes.

My plan for these two gardens will be placing them in a children's garden that I am working on, but first they will be going to the State Master Gardener Conference here in Indiana for part of a display on "Fairy Gardens".

Happy Gardening!



These are so cute...I love looking at the wonderful work of others.

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