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The Beginnings of a New Garden

In my last blog post, I mentioned that a new garden was on the horizon. I am doing the one thing that I said I would never do - Move. After spending years starting a garden from scratch, the home that was to be the retirement home is now not going to be the retirement home. We decided to move from Indiana to a warmer climate. I did not want to go as far as Florida, because it is hot and I could not grow many of my favorite plants that I enjoy in my current zone. We decided on moving to a part of North Carolina that we had visited before and had enjoyed. We started looking for houses and found the house that was perfect for us. I didn't know if it had a garden or not and after some research on the Internet I found some information that said the house had an "English Garden". I was thrilled and when we went to see the house the first thing I did was to go looking for the garden. It was everything I could have wanted in maturity and variety of trees and shrubs. The bones f…