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Moving a Garden

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I would show you how to move a garden. I spent time studying both of my gardens and making plans on how I would tackle the problems of moving garden plants from Indiana to North Carolina. I cannot take everything in my current garden and there are some plants that I would not want to move. Over the 13 years of building my Indianapolis garden, there are some plants that I have got tired of, are thugs, volunteers or plants that are at a size making them difficult to move. My new garden is far smaller than my current garden and I can't use or need everything. I am very selective as what will be moved to the new garden. I also need to leave a garden with the house when it sells and hope that someone will enjoy it as much as I have. I studied the weather of the new garden including rainfall, temperatures and temperature extremes. I also reviewed the plants in my current garden as to which plants could survive temperatures and sun in a much warmer…