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Gardening on the Mountain

Gardening on the mountain has been very different than when I gardened back in Indiana. I do have a beautiful view in my garden but gardening on a mountain has it's own problems. The main problem that I have found is high winds and how it dries out the soil. There are days that the wind can be very strong and with the lack of rain that we have had for the spring season, I find that I need to water the gardens to help establish the plants. I have noticed that many of my plants are not as tall as they would have been due to a dry spring. Recently we have been getting some really heavy rains and the plants are starting to look much better. I have been adding mulch to the gardens to help retain moisture in the soil. 
Another problem has been the soil. It is not bad for growing plants in but it does contain lots of rocks. When I plant, I have found lots of large pieces of white quartz buried in the ground. I have been using the stone in a dry creek bed. The soil drains well, but orga…

The New Garden is Starting to Bloom

The garden is starting to bloom! Maybe that seems normal to many, but last year my garden was dug up, potted up and moved nearly 500 miles to the new garden site. Plants were put into the ground and for periods of time went without water or care. Now that we have made the move to North Carolina, I have been able to start working the garden and creating the new garden. If you have been reading my blog, you know what has been happening over the last year. Now you can see some of the results. Take a look.

The area in the picture above will be a creek bed with a bridge. It will be rocked in and moss will be added to age it. This area will be planted with assorted ferns and other woodland plants.

The stone bench was recently moved and placed next to the goldfish and koi pond. It required four adults to lift the rock and place it on top of the stone base. Now you can sit and enjoy the fish.

The front of the house had this small mulched area. I decided to plant it with grass. Most everyone …

Building the Garden Shed and Retaining Wall

It has been slow going, but the garden is starting to take shape. The new retaining wall has been added and the new garden storage shed has been built. We ran into some delays due to trying to figure out how the installer would get the shed down the step hill to the garden. The shed came in prebuilt pieces that were taken down the hill and then the shed was built in the garden. It took about 4 hours to build on the spot we had chosen. It looks great and I finally can find my tools and have everything in one place in the garden. It sure saves trips up and down the hill. Take a look at how things have changed in the garden.