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Fairy Houses from Recycled Terracotta Flower Pots

Here is an easy project to make for your garden. I had been looking for fairy houses for my miniature garden. Most were the wrong size, expensive, would not hold up long or not what I was looking for. After doing some research on the Internet on flower pot fairy houses, I did not find much available in ideas.

These fairy houses were made by recycling old terracotta flower pots. I used broken flower pot rims for the porch roof of the houses. The doors were purchased online from a hobby store for a great price, saving painting time. I used small plastic plants for the vines on the houses along with rocks, sticks, moss and other found objects.

I found old orchid pots were nice to use because of the slots on the side of the pots that become instant windows for the fairy house. Roofing materials for two of the houses was used coco liner for hanging baskets and moss for the other house. Make sure you use heavy duty outdoor construction glue to keep all pieces together and lots of imaginat…