Great New Colors in "Knock Out" Roses

One of my favorite roses for the garden are the "Knock Out" roses. They come in red or pink with single or double blossoms. A new introduction is the Rainbow "Knock Out" which is pink with a yellow center. The great thing about this rose is that it is disease resistant. That means no more spraying for rust, black spot or powdery mildew. "Knock Out" roses grow to 3 to 4 feet and are self-cleaning (no deadheading).

This rose does not need winter protection. They grow in zones 4-9. Pruning is done in the spring for removing dead, dying or broken canes. You may want to remove any weak or twiggy growth. Make sure that you always make a clean cut at a 45-degree angle, about 1/4 inch above a bud that is facing towards the outside of the plant. Begin pruning at the base of the plant. Pruning will encourage new growth, blooms, improve air circulation around the plant and improve the shape of the plant. I find that this rose needs very little pruning except to remove a few canes damaged during the winter.

I highly recommend this rose to all my customers who want an easy rose to grow and one that blooms all during the growing season. For those of you who have this rose you will be happy to hear that it now comes in white and yellow.

The Creative Gardener