Kerria or the Japanese Rose

A favorite in my garden is a Kerria or Japanese Rose. It is a beautiful shrub that has seasonal interest. In the spring it produces lots of flowers and then does a rebloom in the fall with a few less flowers. The stems of the shrub are lime green and in the winter they just glow in the garden giving winter interest. Kerria grows to about 6 feet tall and produces suckers. I dig up and replant the suckers in other parts of my garden. The leaves are about 1 inch long and are bright green with serrated edges. The flowers are about 2 inches across. The plant can come as a double or single blossom and also is available with varigated leaves. Kerria is highly adaptable and does quite well in dappled shade. I would suggest trying this shrub out in a mixed perennial border or a shade garden for a splash of color.
The Creative Gardener


Debbie, wouldn't ya know? I haven't visited you in a while, obviously:-( Sorry about's hard to get around to all the bloggers, at least for me! Anyway, I just posted about Japanese Rose, TODAY...and here it is, on your post. I wish I'd read it or this could've been how I found out the name of my mystery plant! I like your 'double' Kerria! They are gorgeous plants (bushes) and I'm so glad I finally know the name. Yes, I like the runners, they make the bush wider and fuller for me. I should think about digging them up!