Beauty Berry in the Garden

Several years ago I saw this shrub growing outside of a business and it was covered in these beautiful purple berries in the dead of winter. I never forgot what it looked like and decided to identify the shrub and add it to my garden for the winter interest. Since then I have put in three Callicarpa or Beauty Berry shrubs. The leaves turn red or purple in the fall and when they drop off the berries continue to stay on the bare limbs till about Christmas time. It does produce a flower, but it is very small and nothing note worthy. Beauty Berry does not require pruning. It does prefer well drained fertile soil in a sheltered and sunny spot in the garden. This shrub can reach between 3 to 6 feet depending on the variety. There are over 140 Callicarpa species ranging from zones 5 to 12. Try this one out in your garden for next year!

The Creative Gardener


I love beauty berry! There are a few new varieties around that are quite pretty as well.