Great Shade Garden Perennials

If you have an area in your landscape that is shady, there are some great plants that offer texture, color and flowers for that area. You might want to give these perennials a try in your garden. Here are some of my favorites in my garden.

Sweet Woodruff
Virginia Blue Bells - Mertensia virginiana

Celandine Poppy - Stylophorum diphyllum

Hosta "June"

Japanese Painted Fern

Lenton Rose - Helleborus orientalis

Ghost Fern

Siberian Bugloss - Brunnera macrophylla

Tiarella- Foamflower

Varigated Solomon's Seal - Polygonatum odoratum


Oh, Debbie, you've got me droolin'...(Not literally!)...but those VA Bluebells, they are gorgeous--with blooms way better than I've seen here in Virginia!! Well, at least better than in MY garden in VA!! I had some, and they didn't come up the next yr:( I was sad, cause I loved 'em, and they were in the shade (well, there was some sun...) I also LOVE your other featured plants; the Japanese white fern, I've gotta make a note of that. And, the buglos, the helebores...great ones. Haven't tried the Solomans Seal--looks interesting. I have lily of the valley, but they drive me NUTS, They are so invasive, and when I try to pull some out, the roots are so firm and tight that it's a real chore!!! Well, nice post;)