How You Know You are a Gardener

When I attend meeting with other gardeners, I find it interesting all the stories that we tell each other about our gardens. We always seem to have the same things and stories in common with each other like:
  • We can never throw a plant away, even when it is sick!
  • We get excited when the first garden catalogues arrive in the mail in the winter.
  • We have to stop by the local nursery weekly to see if anything new came in.
  • We spend the winter Blogging because we can't work in the garden.
  • We feel that plants have feelings too.
  • We always want to share plants with other gardeners.
  • We always find a space for "just one more".
  • We have permanent dirt spots (or holes) on the knees of all our jeans.
  • We have names for every animal that lives in our garden.
  • When you are tired of gardening for the season and finally get a break, a month later you are dying to get back into the garden again.
  • You want "one" of everything!
  • We can't "shut up" about our gardens!
  • We carry over annuals because we hate to see the frost kill them and we can get one more season out of them.
  • We have a library of garden books.
  • Everyone always knows what you want for Christmas.
  • We can 't drive by a nursery without stopping in to look.
  • We spend the winter making plans for the garden in spring.

Does this sound like you? We gardeners do love our gardening! Join me again at my blog "Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener".

The Creative Gardener