Plectranthus for the Garden

This was a plant I purchased several years ago and I have gained a great respect for it in the garden. It tends to resemble a small coleus. The trailing stems are covered by the foliage and they are fast growing. This plant is wonderful in planters and in hanging baskets. If you break off a piece it will easily and quickly root in water. I take cuttings and start extra plants for my containers in spring. It can survive in dry air and will withstand occasional dryness at the roots. The plant does prefer to have moisture at all times except in the winter. This plectranthus produces white flowers. Plectranthus prefers bright light or semi-shade making it a colorful plant in the shade garden. It can also be planted as a annual ground cover. It will not survive in cold climates unless potted up and moved into the house for the winter where it makes a good indoor house plant. The one in the picture is P. madagascariensis 'marginatus'. There are over 250 known species of plectranthus. You might want to try another plectranthus in the garden called 'Mona Lavender'. The leaves are purple on the underside and green on top with purple flowers. You will want to give both of these plants a try in your garden this summer.

The Creative Gardener


It's a pretty plant, and sounds adaptable to a variety of areas. I enjoyed reading the info. you offered!