The Heavenly Scent of Hyacinths

Have you ever walked into a room that contained a pot of blooming hyacinths? What a heavenly smell! It is a smell you never forget and it always reminds you of spring. For many of us who live in cold climates, forcing hyacinths bulbs is a way to pass the winter and remind us that better weather and spring are just around the corner. Forcing hyacinths bulbs is easy. Take several bulbs and pot them up in a flower pot containing moist potting mix with fertilizer. Chill the bulbs at a temperature of 35 to 45 degrees for 13 to 15 weeks in your refrigerator. Check the bulbs during this period for moisture and the start of growth. Once the bulbs are showing growth, move them to a bright window in your home. Home temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees is perfect. Now just wait for the bulbs to continue to grow and produce those flowers that will fill your house with that sweet perfume.

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener

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Becca's Dirt said…
I have just purchased a nice blue hyacinth and can't wait for it to bloom.
NellJean said…
I prefer hyacinths to paperwhites. The fragrance is much better. They're not as big and stunning as Amaryllis, but dollar for dollar, they're a better buy and you can share. They're great for Christmas, great for Valentines, just great anytime. After they're done blooming, I plant mine outside where they return year after year.
Janet said…
I absolutely LOVE hyacinths. Will force some next year.
Liza said…
Were we separated at birth? I loooove Hyacinths. I have several blooming in my house right now. I kept them in sunny windows, but once they started blooming, I moved them to the bedroom so the fragrance could waft over me as I sleep. It's divine !
Gatsbys Gardens said…
Hi Debbie,

I love those hyacinths, can't wait until they come up. I am in the Chicago area also and getting pretty fed up with this snow!
More fragrant blooms! I love your photos and choices.

Hi Debbie, I will have to find out if it's to late to find hyacinths for forcing. I meant to try it after reading all about it on blogs last winter. I do have some that come up outside in the spring and I look forward to that. Wish I could smell them, but my sense of smell was compromised with radiation. I keep getting reminded that things actually smell nice and I have to make an extra effort to get up close to see if I can pick up a slight scent. Take care!