How to Replace a Terminal Leader

Missing terminal leader
New limb to replace terminal leader wired in place

Spruce is now taking on a more natural look as the new terminal leader grows into place.

If you have ever had a terminal leader in a spuce or pine lost due to storm damage or because the grower removed it, here is how you can grow a new terminal leader. When I purchased this Norway Spruce the terminal leader had been removed. I was able to purchase the tree at a really great price. The spruce had a nice all over shape minus the fact the pointed part of the top of the tree was missing (terminal leader). By selecting a branch next to where the original terminal leader was cut, I placed a bamboo stick and wired a new branch into the location of the missing terminal leader. I check the wires during the year to make sure that they are not cutting into the bark of the tree. It will take time to grow into the new terminal leader, but worth the wait to get a natural looking tree.

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queenofseaford said…
Debbie, I read the title and thought.."oh no!" I am amazed when the terminal leader is clipped...what are they thinking????? Good job!
Tatyana said…
Wow! You did great! That tree looks much happier now!
Very detailed and fairly good advices on how to replace a terminal leader.Many thanks and great job