Make Your Own Seed Starting Light

This time of the year has many a gardener starting to think about growing plants from seed for the garden. I grow my own tomato plants from seed every year. With the economy the way it is, I decided that I would grow more vegetables and start my perennials for the garden from seed this year. I always wanted a seed starting light, but found them to be expensive for short term use. Seed starting lights with frames and 48 inch plant light tubes start at about $80.00 and up. This year, I purchased a fluorescent light fixture for under $10.00 at the local hardware store. I replaced the light tubes that came with the fixture to two Gro-Lux light tubes for under $12.00. The wood for the frame was recycled from left over 2x4 boards from a neighbors remodeling project. You can also get free pieces of wood from new home construction sites. The light fixture came with installation chains and hooks. As the plants grow, I simply shorten the chain. I can also attach additional short boards to the top if I want to add another light fixtures in the future. All the screws, nails and "L" brackets were in the garage from other left over projects. The measurements for the fixture are 55 L x 28 H x 15 W (base legs). For about $22.00, I now have a seed starting light that will last for years to come at a economical price.

The Creative Gardener


Great idea and it looks easy enough for someone like me to make! Thanks!
Gail said…
Thank you for your sweet compliment on my blog...This does look like an easy project to complete and you are so right many pieces of usable wood go into the trash on building sites...

clay and limestone
Anonymous said…
How ingenius! I wish I saw this post before my hubby bought my new seedstarting light set. Looks great!
I'm so happy I found this post today. I was looking for a grow-light setup, but after reading this, I have a new idea. I will find the bulbs you're talking about & put them in my under-counter kitchen florescent light fixture!! Then, I'll add a few more to the 'shop light' florescent fixtures my husband has in the basement. How ingenious! I think you just saved us a ton of $$$!