Bewitching Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Flowers

Nothing marks the beginning of spring than the early blooming of Witch Hazel. In my zone 5 garden, the flowers are just beginning to show color. Their normal bloom time is February to March depending on the weather. If you have common Witch Hazel, the bloom time is October to November. Over the last two years, I have been planting many different varieties of shrubs to form the walls of my gardens. I look for shrubs that give interest all year round in the garden. That interest can be found in bark color, shape, texture, flowering and fall leaf color. Witch Hazel provides early and late flower color in the garden when other shrubs have not started or have ended. After a long winter, you really appreciate seeing those flowers form. Witch Hazel or Hamamelis can grow from 5 to 20 feet tall and 8 to 20 feet wide depending on the variety. It prefers moist, but well drained acid soils, but will tolerate clay. Witch Hazel will grow in sun to part shade. The flowers are very fragrant and can come in assorted colors. I have yellow and orange Witch Hazels in my garden. I have Hamamelis vernalis and Hamamelis x intermedia which provide early flowers. Then I have Hamamelis virginiana (a native) that provides flowers in October to November. You can also find one called "Diane" that is red. Witch Hazel does provide nice fall color. This is a plant that needs very little pruning to maintain. If you are looking for an easy plant to grow, maintain and that provides flowers and nice fall color, consider adding Witch Hazel to your garden.

Witch Hazel Fall Color
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Cathy said…
I've been seeing a lot of posts just within the last week on Witch Hazels, I just might have to plant one this year. They're starting to grow on me... ;) I like how it brings nice color interest during the fall season.
Every time I see witch hazel I wish I could think of a place to fit one in my yard. They really are so pretty. I never realized they had such nice fall color too.
Aerie-el said…
Beautiful! I am in search of a Hamamelis is my quest this year!
Heather said…
Hi Debbie, I may have to try this in my mostly zone 5 but sometimes Zone 4 garden. I have seen them a lot lately and they intrigue me. Yours is beautiful.
RainGardener said…
Very nice Debbie, I may have to try one also for some fall color. The 'easy' part makes it so much more tempting - I need that!