Life Returns to the Garden

I guess it is time to start gardening again. The days and nights are starting to warm and the garden is starting to show signs of life. It's about time!

Happy gardening and have a great garden this year!
The Creative Gardener


Janet said…
Debbie, Looks like things are waking from a winter's nap. I think your witchhazel is very nice.
Anonymous said…
Yep time to get busy! :) I just love this time of the year when everything is new & fresh again.
Sue said…
Hi Debbie,
Racquel beat me being the first "picker" of this post on blotanical because I clicked on one of your pics to see it larger, but I was second! ;o)

I'm glad you put what zone you are in. I think we all should do that so we can gauge where our season is compared to others, and see what is growing in which zones. I am zone 5-5b, and do not have pansies yet, but my bulbs are about the same height as yours, so I plan to get out soon and get some pansies! Cool!
Thank you and the same to you too. Pretty pictures.
Cathy said…
Sure looks like spring is here finally!
nice looking Pansies..
Alice Joyce said…
Hi debbie, neat post!
I say the same's about time! I love this time of year, for many reasons, but it can be frustrating with all the unsettled weather! I think your blog is wonderful- very informative! I took the Master Gardeners courses about 5 years ago, but with home schooling my kids I never had time to really finish it. I need to go back and take the course again, now that I have more time to volunteer.