The Beauty of Azaleas

It is always nice to take a short vacation trip to a warmer climate. I just spent the last few days in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia. While is Georgia, I had the opportunity to see some beautiful Azaleas. Azaleas will grow in my area, but they tend to struggle and are sometimes a disappointment. My soil pH is neutral to slightly alkaline and not what Azaleas really need. Azaleas can grow as large as 10 feet tall and I did have the chance to see some that large. Azaleas prefer acid soil and a sheltered site with partial shade. You can propagate this plant by sowing seeds or layering branches in the summer.

Since I have been home from vacation, I have been reading up on Azaleas. I think with some soil amending that maybe I will try my hand at growing Azaleas one more time!

Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Outside In said…
Just amazingly beautiful! and the photography is great.
cherry said…
they are beautiful they say spring is here to me.

hugs, Cherry
Anonymous said…
I need to move mine into a shadier location this fall. They lost the shade they had in prior years but continue to bloom pretty well.
Glad you had a nice trip. The azaleas are so pretty. I love the color of the first one. I don't have a lot of luck with them. Rhodies grow great here, but the azaleas never bloom.
Janet said…
Hi Debbie, the azaleas are just starting here. They are always so pretty.
lynn'sgarden said…
Hi Debbie, beautiful photos! I love the exbury azalea..looks like the one I have growing in my yard. The first photo of the white with pink is yummy too! Thanks for sharing.
Hi Debbie, Happy Easter to you!
What beautiful azalea photos. They grow pretty well in our area and I used to lust after them and thought I hoped to grow lots! Unfortunately they do not work in our garden, or at least the couple I tried, did not. I think we are too wet. So in my shade garden I grow what does well instead including rhodos and hydrangeas for my big colour impact and lots of hostas, pieris, astilbe etc. Hope you are having a great weekend.
Northern Shade said…
Visiting gardens in other areas can really spark new ideas (or revive old ones). Those azaleas are definitely inspiring. It will be interesting to see how the soil amendments work.