Colorful Foliage for the Garden

If you are looking for colorful foliage, texture and flowers, here is an interesting new addition for your garden. Sorbaria sorbifolia "Sem" or Ural False Spirea offers beautiful colored compound foliage and creamy white blossoms in July and August. This shrub is a dwarf variety that is compact, well branched and more dense than other forms. It is hardy in zones 3-7 and is widely adaptable to different soil types. It has pinkish-red to green foliage color turning bronze in the fall. Sorbaria sorbifolia grows to 3-4 feet tall and 4 foot wide. It needs sun to part shade. This shrub is easy to grow and will thrive in any well drained soil. This plant would look great potted up in a dark blue ceramic pot. If you are looking for color, texture and flowers, this shrub has it all.

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Outside In said…
That is a beautiful shrub, love the color!
Anonymous said…
I'm always looking for a gorgeous shrub to add to the garden. This one is fabulous!
Janet said…
Interesting plant Debbie, I have not seen it here, but we are borderline zone 8. Nice color.
Victoria said…
I've just bought one of these so it's great to see someone else enthusing about it. I'd really like a rowan tree, but haven't the room, so a Sorbaria is the nearest I can get. This one, 'Sem', is really stunning.
That has beautiful coloring! I have an empty blue pot, might have to see if I can find this!
lynn'sgarden said…
Debbie, this is a beautiful shrub! I buy plants for foliage color too and this one has many! Great photo!
Oh what a beautiful foliage plant, I think your suggestion of it in a nice pot would look beautiful on a patio or an interesting statement where it would be appreciated.
Thanks for sharing that Debbie.
Have a great week to come.