Easy to Make Garden Projects

This past winter, I started work on several projects for the garden. Now that the weather has improved, installation has started. The garden door was created from left over cedar wood from my son's house remodel. The door gives the illusion of "Entry". The framing for the garden door was made from landscape timbers placed in cement. This door is hinged and can be opened and closed. The basket on the door will be lined in moss and have flowering plants added as the weather improves in my zone 5 garden.

This arbor project is simply three eight foot landscape beams. Two beams are cemented into the ground with the third beam bolted across the top. I added plant hooks for the two hanging flower baskets. The arbor is painted in a light green color to accent the plants. I made two matching arbors for both ends of the woodland garden. Each arbor was under ten dollars to make, but they make a big statement in the garden.
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Becca's Dirt said…
Debbie - you are so creative and not so expensive. Good ideas. Happy gardening... Becca
Jesikarena said…
Great Ideas! I really love the arbor! Its simple but it will be really beautiful when the flowers are hanging on it!
I love them both! Great ideas.
lynn'sgarden said…
Hi Debbie, I really like the garden door project...cute sticks window pane. Your Mutant Dandelion post...weird..I've never seen those before!
JGH said…
I have a big old hunk of fence that might be resurrected as a door. And I love the special touch of having the planter mounted to the front! Thanks for the great ideas!
You are very creative and original! I appreciated your lovely comment on my blog;-) I don't manage to get around to visit often enough! Have a wonderful day, Debbie! Jan
Kathleen said…
Great ideas Debbie! The door is really intrigueing. I'd love to put one in my yard, I can think of all kinds of ways to decorate it thru the seasons.