Mutant Dandelions?

While out gardening yesterday, I was removing a few dandelions that were popping up in flower beds. This dandelion really got my attention! I have seen mutations in dandelions before, but not this large. The plant had normal size stems and blooms and these two large stems with as many as a dozen flower heads per each stem. Good thing that I didn't use fertilizer!

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Dirt Princess said…
Whoa! How strange!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness those are creepy - you may want to show those to someone re. climate issues?
Janet said…
Hi Debbie, Think I know what it might be..Aster yellows. Check out this web site It really mutates the plants. I had it on my coneflowers last year.
Anonymous said…
Hey! I just wanted to say that I just saw the same weird mutated dandelion heads in my backyard today. Exactly the same as you describe.

I live in West Point, Utah
Anonymous said…
i found a nine headed dandelion in my front yard thought it was really weird so i picked it and took a photo my wife and kids thought the same...we live in Belpre O.H.
Angela said…
WOW- I just found one of these in my front yard getting ready to go to seed. I posted it on my blog but I wanted to see other pictures.