Stunning Tiarellas

One perennial plant that adds lots of flower power in the spring garden are Tiarellas. Tiarellas or "Foam Flowers" are a rhizomatous perennial that can make a great groundcover for shade or part shade. In the spring to mid summer they produce spikes of beautiful fragrant white or pink flowers. The flower sprays can be cut and used in floral arrangements. Over the years there have been many new additions of Tiarellas offered on the market. The newer Tiarellas have wonderful shaped leaves with unusual markings or different colored leaves. This is a great addition to the woodland garden where color is needed for a shady area or mixed with Hostas. Tiarellas can be propagated by division or by seed. They prefer humus rich soil that is moderately moist but they will tolerate a wide variety of soil types. Tiarellas are also deer resistant and grow in zones 4-9. If you looking for something different in the garden, try a Tiarella!
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Dirt Princess said…
Those are nice. I have never seen them. I bet they do look great in an arrangement
Tatyana said…
What a beautiful flower! Looks very appealing to me and I certainly have space for it. Sold!
Hi Debbie, I just planted 4 tiarellas, a couple of weeks ago. They were the first I've ever had, and I really like them. They seem happy in their new home. Their leaves are 2-toned.
keewee said…
Wrote this one on my wish list. It is beautiful and I have just the place for one.
I just love them.I planted one last fall and it is blooming now so pretty.So glad I added one to my flowerbeds. They are so light and airy.
Joanne said…
Thanks for an informative post and lovely photo
Anonymous said…
I've not seen this flower before! It's just beautiful, and delicate looking.