It Just Gets Better and Better!

Each year my garden just gets better and better. This year it has really started to show what years of work and dedication can do. I like to think of my garden like a child - you love it, nurture it and watch it grow and bloom into something very special. My garden is the result of recycling brick, rock, plants and any other items I can get my hands on. Many of the plants are end of the year deals, starts from friends and family, plants started from seed or plants that were being discarded by people that needed a little TLC. The gardens, which I call "Sycamore Gardens", are one to eight years old and 1 1/2 acres in size. The gardens do have some unique problems like spring floods that cover half of the gardens in water for a week and lots of wildlife that damage plants. This time of the year the gardens become full of mosquitoes due to standing flood water in the woods next to our property making gardening - not much fun!

Japanese garden with Bamboo just starting to leaf out.

Rondell Garden with new arbors that have climbing Iceberg Roses planted on them. This garden will be a white garden as the plant grow, mature and flower. This garden is planted with four "My Monet" Weigela, eight Limelight Hydrangea, four climbing Iceberg Roses and four "Little Henry" Sweetspire and four apple trees.

Hydrangea Garden with over 20 different Hydrangeas and assorted Hostas.
I feel bad that I have not been able to keep up with my garden writing as much as I would like. I garden for other people and I am very busy taking care of many different gardens right now. What time I have left is spent trying to keep up with my own garden which is full of weeds due to lots of rain this spring. Garden writing had become my activity on days when it rains. I hope everyone is having a great growing season.
Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Janet said…
My goodness Debbie, one garden is prettier than the next. You have a gorgeous setting. What is the dark burgundy leaved tree/shrub above the blue birdbath? Nice foliage contrast.
Your gardens are just beautiful. I can see that you've put a lot of work into it. I bet the hydrangea garden is really pretty in bloom.
Thanks for sharing such nice pictures of you garden.
Dirt Princess said…
WOW!!!!!!!! Your garden is GORGEOUS!!!!
Your garden looks wonderful. That would be my dream to have over 20 hydrangeas in a garden setting. I love them.