The Many Colors of Weigela

One shrub that has become the backbone to my garden is Weigela. I planted my first one eight years ago as a 1 gallon size and it has grown into a beautiful shrub in the garden. Not only does it have wonderful flowers in the spring but interesting leaf color during rest of the year. As the years have passed, I have added more the twenty Weigela shrubs of different leaf color and bloom color into the gardens. This year they were just spectacular. Weigela is an Asiatic plant sometimes listed and formerly known as Diervilla. It grows in any reasonable garden soil in sun to part shade. Weigela grows six to seven feet tall and needs space for it's arching stems. The flowers appear in May and June. Flowers range from light pink to a dark ruby color with leaves being green, variegated green and white, dark chocolate color and lemony yellow. I use the leaves of the shrubs to add color to my mixed perennial beds. The growth rate for this shrub is medium to slow depending on the variety. There have been many new introduction of this plant that are much smaller than the older varieties of Weigela. I just added four "My Monet" Weigelas to the garden last year that will grow only 12 to 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Weigela can be propagated by cuttings in autumn. This is also a shrub that is attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds and it is hardy to zone 4. Give this shrub a try in your garden this year.

Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


They sure are great shrubs! I'm glad to read about 'My Monet' since they stay so small. Right now I only have 'Minuet' because it also stays on the small side. The first picture is just beautiful!
Tatyana said…
Sounds and looks like a wonderful shrub. Why don't I have it in my garden?! You could be a good marketing person Debbie!
BTW, the first picture needs to be in a garden magazine. Just gorgeous!
Janet said…
Hi Debbie, I just got a French Lace Weigela last fall, nice foliage. Seems to be very happy where I put it, but hasn't bloomed this year. :-( Maybe next year.
That is just beautiful hun, thanks for sharing. Have a great day~ Brooke
Hi Debbie, I am going to look for 'My Monet'! It sounds like something that would work well in one of my garden areas! I love all of your posts...your entire blog is wonderful and so helpful;-) Jan