The Blooming of the H. Ventricosa

It is that time of year when the H. ventricosa starts blooming in my garden. When I first started my garden, I didn't have lots of plants and any plant that was not wanted found a new home in my garden. I received lots of hosta ventricosa for the garden from a friend.
H. ventricosa is an older all green hosta that is not as exciting as the newer cultivars of hostas. It now is my favorite in the garden for the beautiful purple color of the flowers. When you have hundreds of this hosta in bloom it adds lots of color in the garden.

H. ventricosa is a tetraploid (having double the number of chromosomes of the typical plant). This is the only hosta known to come true from seed. Seeds are produced without fertilization by a process known as apomixis. This means you will have lots of seeds to grow more ventricosa and have a plant that is good for breeding other hosta cultivars. H. ventricosa grows as a mound and is consider a large hosta growing to about 22 inches high and as much as 50 inches wide.
When planted in a mass planting, it makes a great ground cover and looks stunning when it blooms. Ventricosa is an older hosta and one that you may have to special order to find. If you know someone who has this plant you can collect seed to start your own.
Happy Gardening and have a Great 4th of July!
The Creative Gardener


Ben said…
That's very nice. a lot of my hosta's have low bloom stalks. This one looks to be pretty tall.
This is really interesting. I was noticing that almost all of my hostas flowers were light lavender except the green ones which are purple. The purple really is pretty, and I think hosta flowers are underrated. The hummingbirds love them.
Janet said…
Those flower spikes are really neat when you have a large cluster of them.
Teresa said…
That was a very interesting post. I have many of these hostas and I never knew all of that information about them. Thank you.
ps. I love those purple flowers too!
~~Rhonda said…
Debbie, we have H. ventricosa in our garden and it does, indeed, have a beautiful bloom. I treasure it because it came from my grandmother. I had always admired it in her garden. She told me one time (about 40 years ago) that her specimen came to her as a gift from a friend visiting from New York. Now it grows and blooms in our garden. A special plant for us! ~~Rhonda