The Hosta Show

Several years ago, I joined the local Hosta Society. I wanted to learn more about hostas and this was a good way to learn from other more experienced growers. Every year they have a Hosta Show where you bring your very best hosta leaves and you compete with other members. I had never entered the show before but this year I decided to try. Many of the members have wonderful hosta gardens with hundreds of superb plants and I didn't think that my box store hostas where as nice as other members hosta plants. I was entering only for the learning experience and what a great experience it was. I did win some ribbons but I learned far more than I expected. I am already planning and really looking forward to next years Hosta Show.
If you would like to learn more about hostas, look for a local hosta club in your area or check out the American Hosta Society web site (see links).
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Janet said…
Hi Debbie, how fun! And congratulations for winning a ribbon or two. So what variety of Hosta did you enter?
Tatyana said…
Wow! Never seen so many hostas in one place! Congratulations with your ribbons!
Rosey Pollen said…
I had no idea this club even existed!
Looks fun!
Congrats on your ribbons, though I know that wasn't your main intention when you entered. Your post reminds me that I DO want to learn more about hostas. There are so many and it does get confusing! I have a variety, perhaps 6 or 7 (?) but out of those, only 'really' like about 3. I'll check out the website you gave. It sounds like it will be helpful;-)
passion jardin said…
bonsoir vos photos sont magifique bravo