Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - September 2009

" Autumn Joy" Sedum

This month I decided to join the fun of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. The garden is starting to look "tired" and very dry due to lack of rain. Fall is here and by looking at my garden and the amount of leaves on the ground, it looks more like late October than September. Enjoy the garden pictures and check out Garden Blogger's Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens at


Rose of Sharon



And more Mums!

Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


There is certainly autumn in your garden, Debbie! Beautyberry is fantastic! My mums are not open yet, and the garden looks summery.
Everything looks so nice. Beautiful post Debbie.
Anonymous said…
Beings I am new to the gardeners blogging world, I didn't know about Bloom Day! What a fun thing. So is it held every year on this date? Love your rose of sharon and I'm excited that your mums are in full bloom! Mine are full with swollen buds, so I'm sure they will sprouting soon.
Janet said…
Hi Debbie, Love the Autumn Joy- certainly an amazing plant that gives color well into the late fall.
Your mums are so pretty. I love the Beautyberry, what gorgeous berries on it.
MissyM said…
Your beautyberry is so pretty. And your mums!!! Love them.
Sylvana said…
Looks like "mums" the word in your garden!
Sue said…
I love the blooms you do have! I was never big on growing mums in the past because they were either too invasive or short lived. I have some Debonair, which are similar to yours, and I hope they continue to do as well as they have so far. I like the colors and shapes of yours.