Colorful Shrubs for the Fall Garden

It's that time of year when the trees have dropped their leaves. The Hostas that once added color to the garden are now just a memory. The beautiful perennial flowers that bloomed vibrantly in the garden have died to the ground for the year. Each day brings cold weather, frost and fewer sunny days. Want that color back? Here is a way to keep that color coming in the garden just a little longer. Try planting shrubs that add color to your garden for the late fall. Some of the shrubs that I have planted for great fall color are Hydrangeas, Viburnums and Sweetspires. During the summer their leaves were just plain green, but they all provided a show of beautiful flowers for the garden during the growing season. Now that the flowers are done for the year, those plain green leaves are a blaze of color in the garden. Just take a look at the color they can give your garden.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

"Blushing Bride" Hydrangea

Snowball Viburnum

Black Stem Hydrangea

"Color Fantasy" Hydrangea

If you want to keep color in the garden just a little bit longer before winter, try adding a selection of colorful shrubs and keep that color coming!

Happy Gardening and have a great Thanksgiving!

The Creative Gardener


I've never seen Color Fantasy Hydrangea. It's beautiful! Thank you for this post! Happy Thanksgiving to you!