50 Gift Ideas for the Gardener

Still trying to figure out what to buy for that special gardening friend for Christmas? Family members asking you what you would like for Christmas? Well, here are 50 gardening gift ideas that might help you out this season.

  1. Hand pruners
  2. Gardening gloves
  3. Bird feeder with seed
  4. Bird house
  5. Digital camera
  6. Bird bath
  7. Heated bird bath
  8. Gift card to a favorite nursery
  9. Soil test kit
  10. Plant Cam
  11. Gardening magazine subscription
  12. Gardening books
  13. Gardening journal
  14. Heat mat for starting those seedlings
  15. Gardening knife
  16. Plant grow light system
  17. Seed starting kit
  18. Amaryllis bulb
  19. Garden bench
  20. Garden kneeler
  21. Pond making kit
  22. Garden spinner
  23. Garden chimes
  24. Arbor
  25. Gardening note cards
  26. Gardening 2010 calendar
  27. Composter for the garden or just the kitchen
  28. Watering can
  29. Stepping stone kit
  30. Gardening coffee cup
  31. Squirrel feeder
  32. Garden art
  33. Table top fountain or a large garden fountain
  34. Hand lotion
  35. Plant markers
  36. Herb garden for the kitchen
  37. Solar lights or 12 volt lights for the garden
  38. Garden muck shoes
  39. Garden related T-shirt
  40. Garden related Christmas ornament for the tree
  41. Spring flowering bulbs to grow inside
  42. Garden tools
  43. Garden design computer program
  44. Gardening hat
  45. Water bottle
  46. A live historical tree seedling for the garden (see links)
  47. Collapsible trash container
  48. Fresh floral arrangement
  49. Assorted garden seeds
  50. Trugs, baskets or buckets to use in the garden

Suggestion: Purchase an assortment of garden items and put them into a basket, trug or flower pot for that special gardening friend. Add some fresh pine greenery, holly and a ribbon to make your gift festive.

Happy Holidays to all!

The Creative Gardener


I'll take one of each :) Great list!
Janet said…
I am with Catherine...one of each!