Recycled Garden Art Projects

It's always fun to take something that is no longer needed and give it new life as garden art.
The garden door (picture above) was recycled from cedar wood from a house remodel. The wood was cut into planks and with the addition of hinges and a old garden trowel for a door handle, you have a door for that secret garden entrance.
I just purchased a gazebo at the end of the season. The gazebo came in two cardboard boxes that were lined with these steel forms to protect the gazebo parts in shipment. These forms were already painted brown and were to large to set out for trash pick up. They are now contemporary garden art. I positioned them in my garden with butterfly bushes and assorted large grasses behind them. This spring I will plant flowers around the bases of the frames. I plan to add slate tile squares hung from chains inside some of the squares in the spring (yes, the tile squares and chain are being recycled from a home remodel). Watch for future updates on this garden project in the spring.
Every wonder what to do with these wire deer frames used for Christmas decorations when they are broken. Remove all the wires and lights and spray paint the deer frame dark green or black. Cover the frame with chicken wire and create a topiary form for the garden. Fill the inside with moss and soil and add your favorite ivy to grow over the form. If it is small deer and on a post (like the one in the above picture) sink the post into a large pot and add some rock to hold the post upright. Then fill the pot with soil. Plant ivy in the pot and train the ivy over the deer frame.
Take a look around your house, basement or garage for that special winter garden art project.
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener
Please share some of your ideas for recycling materials into garden art! Leave a comment and don't forget to "pick".