Top Hostas for Your Garden

I love hostas for the garden! They add color in their leaves, flowers and some have fragrance that many perennial plants just can't offer. How many perennial plants do you know that can take sun and shade? If you have been thinking about adding hostas to your garden for next year, try these top hostas.

These are miniature and small hostas. The hostas in this container are full size. They are H. 'Stiletto', H. 'Blue Mouse Ears' and H. 'Lemon Lime'.

H. 'Gold Standard'

H. 'Praying Hands'

H. 'Gold Standard'

Here are some of the top small hostas on the market. They are H. 'Pandora's Box', H. 'Baby Bunting', H. 'Tiny Tears', H. 'Cookie Crumbs', H. 'Twist of Lime', H. 'Cracker Crumbs', H. 'Popo' and H. venusta.
Some of top selling hostas are H. 'June', H. 'Sagae', H. 'Liberty', H. 'Striptease', H. 'Halcyon', H. 'Patriot', H. 'Niagara Falls', H. 'Stained Glass', H. 'Paul's Glory' and H. 'Whirlwind'. Additional top selling hostas are H. 'Sum and Substance', H. 'Spilt Milk', H. 'Great Expectations', H. 'Orange Marmalade' and H. montana 'Aureomarginata'. Most of these are easy to find in local nurseries and most have found their way into my garden already.
The hosta for 2010 is H. 'First Frost'. This one is very attractive and can be found at several nurseries online for sale.
Happy gardening and have a wonderful holiday!
The Creative Gardener
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Nell Jean said…
Gold Standard is one that does fairly well in my zone 8b garden.
CIELO said…
I have never had any luck with hostas.... I've tried; believe me, but they didn't survive in any of the gardens I had.... guess they don't like me because they know I'm a rose gal! ;)nice meeting you!

I just love the miniature Hostas in the barrel. I have just the barrel to try that in. Great post!
GardenJoy4Me said…
Hi Debbie and YES ! I have a few of these already and there is always room for another one some how ? LOL These are great suggestions .. now if there was a fool proof way to "snail/slug proof" these plants ? LOL
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year : )
Janet said…
I love Hostas, though they are vole favorites and when I move to SC, apparently deer love them as well. I will plant some anyway because I like them too! Your combo planting photos are great.
patientgardener said…
I do like those minature hostas and the praying hands ones. I have a lot of the same type so maybe next year I will start to bring in some new ones and to thin out the others - thanks for reminding me how nice hostas are