'Annabelle' Hydrangea in Pink!

Photo Courtesy of Proven Winners - http://www.provenwinners.com/

For those of you who love those beautiful white 'Annabelle' Hydrangeas, you will be happy to hear that Proven Winners now has a pink one named 'Invincibelle Spirit'. I love hydrangeas and I have many different varieties in my garden. 'Annabelle' has always been my favorite because it always produces lots of flowers even if the winter has been very cold. The flowers are huge and provide color for a long time in the garden. When I heard about 'Invincibelle Spirit', I had to check it out. I found a local nursery that will have it available this spring and it is at the top of my wish list for my garden this year.
'Invincibelle Spirit' also produces large flower heads that are just a bit smaller than 'Annabelle'. It grows in zones 3-9 and can take sun to part shade. It is very hardy and easy to grow. It produces large pink blooms from mid-summer till frost. Buds are produced on new wood, so winter die back will not keep it from producing all those beautiful flowers. It grows from 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.

Photo Courtesy of Proven Winners - http://www.provenwinners.com/

If you would like to know more about 'Invincibelle Spirit' and all the other Proven Winner plants, check out their web site on my gardening links.

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Janet said…
Hi Debbie, I love Annabelles...now if they could be changed to blue from pink my husband would jump on the bandwagon.
How wonderful! I love hydrangeas anyway so this is a bit of good news. Very pretty isn't it? Thanks Debbie for sharing it.
Kyna said…
Aw, I wish I could grow hydrangeas in more than one spot...I'd love one of those! :D
I am so looking forward to seeing this plant perform here on the West Coast. I have found that Annabelle doesn't really love the funny hot spells we are getting lately.

What a gorgeous shade of pink.