The Gardens of Garfield Park

For those of you who are in cold climates, it is nice to see something green and growing. This was a visit to a local garden in my area. Garfield Park is a 136 acre park located on the south side of Indianapolis, Indiana. The gardens are three acres of European classical formal in style. They were designed by German landscape architect George Edward Kessler in 1916. The park consist of the sunken gardens and a beautiful 10,000 square foot conservatory of lush tropical plants.

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Hope you enjoyed the garden tour and if you visit Indianapolis you might want to see the gardens at Garfield Park.
Happy Gardening!
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Anonymous said…
That is a beautiful place. I need to get to a garden show or something. We are lucky the sun is shining today.
Liza said…
I think we took a field trip there when I was a kid, I grew up in Shelbyville. I love hearing updates on Indy! Thanks for sharing.
Janet said…
Nice place to visit I would imagine. I certainly appreciate the color in your photos this time of year.
Wow, I am loving all the color on this dreary morning!
How beautiful. It is so wonderful to walk through the park with your pictures.Brightens one day and also make me eager for spring. I love those planters. How gorgeous!
Kyna said…
What a beautiful park! Love the seas of purple and reds.