Ideas for Garden Ponds

Ponds can come in all sizes and shapes for the garden. Ponds come as kits with pumps, filters and liners, prefabricated ponds or purchased as individual pieces depending on your needs. Installation does take time and some digging, but even the amateur can install a small garden pond. There is a pond for every price range.

This is a pondless pond and it is nice if you have pets, small children or limited space. This pond is easy to install.

Lights add interest to the pond at night.

If you have the space, add a streambed to your pond to give it a natural look.

Add a waterfalls to your pond for that wonderful sound effect.

Ponds can be made of cement block and liners.

Add different sizes of rock and small river rock for a natural look.

Add a little wimsey!

Cover the liner edge with rock and the bottom of the pond with small river rock. Conceal the liner as much as possible.

Add shrubs, moss and assorted perennials to accent your pond.

Moss covered rocks add a natural look.

Add limbs, driftwood and other nature related items around the pond for a natural look.

Ponds attract wildlife into the garden and also add winter interest.

If you would like to install a pond into your garden, spend some time reading on installation and maintenance. Check on city codes, zoning or home association rules before installation along with where underground utilities are located before digging. If you are using a pump, remember that you will need electricity to that area. If you want to maintain fish during the winter, make sure the pond is deep enough. Now is a good time to start investigating for spring installation.

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener

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Becca's Dirt said…
That is one of my goals this year is to add a water feature of some sort. I can't do a pond but a small water feature would be soothing too.