Old Man Winter Brings Signs of Spring

Old Man Winter blew into Indiana again bringing lots of snow. It snowed all day yesterday, but today when the sun came out it was beautiful. It was time to take a walk in the garden to view the artistry of Mother Nature.

The best part of my garden walk was finding that my Witch Hazel shrubs were starting to show signs of blooming. Spring is on the way!

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener

Don't forget to pick!


Stone Art said…
Magical photos, will pick rightaway:)
Janet said…
Very nice photos Debbie! Wish the sun was shining here...we have been getting more snow. We in the south are not prepared for nor happy about more snow. The roads will be rough for days!
I love the Witch hazel!
Carol said…
Lovely snowscapes Debbie!
Carol said…
It is pretty when the sun shines on the snow...
Yay for signs of spring in the witch hazel! I saw a little yellow in 'Arnold Promise' last week, but everything is in suspended animation now with the cold. Just as well. We're a long way from spring here.
Uplifting photos, Debbie;-) I 'intend' to go on a garden walk today...wearing a knee brace. The sun is out and our snow cover looks beautiful. Two feet of it came to visit!!
patientgardener said…
The statues look lovely in the snow