A Visit to Irwin Gardens

This is a beautiful garden to visit. It is called Irwin Gardens and it is located in Columbus, Indiana. It once was a private home that now is a Bed and Breakfast called The Inn at Irwin Gardens. The home was completed in 1864 with the gardens added in 1910. The gardens were designed from a garden in Pompeii, Italy. The entire property takes up one city block in Columbus.

If you ever have a chance to visit Columbus, Irwin Gardens would be a wonderful place to see.

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener
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Kyna said…
WOW! :D Love the photos!! I always pick weird things to be my favourite things in photos. But this time it's the spitting turtle fountains lol. I want some...:D
I love formality in the garden. This garden is beautiful! Fountains, topiaries, sculptures, trimmed hedges - I love everything! What a great post, Debbie! Thank you!
Wow, it is beautiful Debbie. I love the fountains. Not everyone has room for an elephant in the garden. LOL!
noel said…
its a beautiful garden i love it, especially since thats my first name :)
tina said…
Awesome and hard to believe it is right here in the Indiana! Feels like it is Europe and so beautiful.
Janet said…
Hi Debbie, What a nice place to have available to visit. I am glad they made it into a Bed and Breakfast so others can enjoy it.
I especially like the fountains with the faces, one above the next. Very neat.