The Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show

I hope you enjoyed the show and got a few new ideas for your garden.
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Stone Art said…
Some lovely stuff, nice to see some stonework in there too, I like the archway
I love the white garden storage! So different! Thanks for the pictures of the show!
Christine B. said…
I think I would have to have a neighborhoods worth of those cute little white sheds to store all my tools and garden oddments. Love the river flowing under the deck.

Christine in Alaska
Hi Debbie. What a great garden show. So many wonderful ideas too. I love the old porch posts as plant holders and the round rock archway.
Janet said…
thanks for a great tour of the garden show.
Roger said…
The flowers in Indianapolis' garden show look nice in the photos, especially the ones in the first picture! These gave me ideas on how to make my own garden look even more beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and for the small walk through the garden show.