Indianapolis Home and Flower Show

Now is that time of year when all the local garden shows begin. It is always nice after a cold winter to attend a flower show. You can enjoy the flowers and the smells of spring in the air. It is a great time to get new ideas and start making plans for the garden. This was a new show to Indianapolis called the "Indianapolis Home and Flower Show". Enjoy the pictures!

This hall was filled with flowers from all around the world.

Happy Gardening and I am off to another flower show!
The Creative Gardener
Don't forget to pick!


Cameron said…
Some interesting ideas! I like the natural setting shown in the first photo. What a great outing for winter. We've been in a warm spell here for the last week, with another week of mild temps and rain.
Liza said…
I'm so jealous - I don't think there are any garden shows out here. I loved your pics but have to admit that those roses at the end completely freak me out.
Christine B. said…
I'm with Liza, those roses are fit for clowns, teletubbies, persons tripping on acid, and none else.

Christine in Alaska
GardenJoy4Me said…
Debbie that was so pretty .. I love the Japanese theme garden art so much : )
Your header picture is simply gorgeous girl !
Lovely photo's! Those roses are a trip!